Friday, October 13, 2006

Hrm...maybe tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow will be my first day without tears. Or rather, today is my last day of a fabulous existence tainted by tears. Enough!
Huh, Friday the 13th and I didn't even realise...quite an auspicious day for me actually...the end of something old, and the birth of something exciting, shiny and new...


Blogger Becky said...

Hey thanks for the message you left. Hope you're feeling better today :)

4:30 PM  
Blogger pitfinder said...

"This year our members have put more things on top of other things than ever before. But, I should warn you, this is no time for complacency. No, there are still many things, and I cannot emphasize this too strongly, not on top of other things. I myself, on my way here this evening, saw a thing that was not on top of another thing in any way."

Sorry, just having a Monty Python moment. :-)
Sometimes a little silliness makes life easier.

6:10 PM  
Blogger suze said...

Ha! I couldn't agree more, pitfinder.
and becky, i can't get back to your site. The link goes to your home page but there isn't a link from there to your blog.

10:27 PM  
Blogger lenny said...

You know there is no use trying to talk yourself out of the tears, it does not work. They say time will heal, bullshit, if the heart is broken then that hole will never mend completely. The lost love is harder then death. When a close friend dies you know that it is final, so you have to deal with the situation, but when your heart is broken you long for the connection again, wishing it may happen, you fool yourself into believing the ringing telephone is the sweet voice you remember. But it most likely never is.

You just have to deal with it, push yourself through the day. Maybe your next love may mend the hole, it will never cover it, but as long as there is some mending we can cope with it much better.

You will dream of your love over time, but as the years become longer the dreams become fewer, even though you get that sick feeling in your stomach when your memories flood back, you deal with it much better.

You may never get what you thought you were after, but do we realy know what we want anyway?

Time changes our needs.

7:49 PM  
Blogger earthkissed said...

I hope day by day the tears are getting less. But I disagree with Lenny, there's always a place in your heart that's for that person, but with time that place becomes less broken - it doesn't go away, but it does heal.
You can jump to becky's blog from my blog - she's under "becky and Matt" I think.

Frrolxn - I think it wants us all to frolic in the sun.

2:12 AM  

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