Friday, February 02, 2007

It's a crazy, crazy world.

For the first time in my life, I am so happy to be single. Not thinking about men at all. And feeling really grounded.


Then yesterday, I ran into this lovely guy I have known for ten years. We've always been friends and our worlds have often intersected. I used to hang out a bit with his gorgeous french girlfriend. And a couple of years ago, when I ran into his Dad, who always keeps me up to date on what he's up to, I flippantly told him I would marry him, when he said he had split up with the gorgeous french girl and was now living over 1000kms away.

So we saw each other at a cafe I hardly ever go to, after a very strange set of events that got me there in the first place, and we gave each other a huge hug and a kiss and he promptly got rid of his friend on the phone. It was so warm, our eyes were sparklng. He was on his way out west, but said that he would be heading back to Sydney later on, if I wanted to have a drink or something.

So we met up, had a couple of drinks, went to a beautiful indian restaurant for dinner and it was awesome. Before I left, I was worried that maybe we wouldn't have much to think about. I've always known of him as a labourer and a bar worker. But we just talked and talked and laughed. And I felt so relaxed. There was this moment during dinner, when I could see myself from the outside at my most charming, relaxed and witty. Hee hee.

It was like a first date with a really old friend, if you can imagine such a thing. And I am normally so neurotic, nervous and fidgety, that I wonder why I ever get second dates. But this was just so relaxed and comfortable, but still a little buzzy.

And he is such a surprise. The way he thinks, how well read he is, what he wants. It was just such a shock. Because although we've always gotten on really well, we've never really had much of a conversation as we often saw each other when we were working or out with other people. And even though we kind of know each other, our circles of friends are completely different.

We totally hit it off. And this morning, after resisting the urge to text him all night, he emailed me to say what a great time he had had and that he would like to see me again.

And I haven't stopped smiling all day.

Then today, I'm having coffee with a girl I kind of know because there weren't any other tables free, and a friend of hers sits down and invites me around to his place for a drink.

This is so bizarre! I live in a town, with zero talent. Seriously. I never meet guys that I like.

So then I go to pay for my coffee, and I run into another guy, I assume barely knows who I am, despite having been in similar circles. So we chat for a while and I'm still thinking he's just being polite in lieu of any other 'real' friends around, and then he asks me if I would like to catch up with him some time?

What's going on??

Is the universe testing my will? Or have I just landed in a space and I am exuding the airs of that grace?

So I'm eating dinner, on my own, thinking about all of this, when I get a text from a french guy I met at a party last year who was really into me, and who emailed me a few times when he went back to France. He gave me his entire itinerary and said he hoped I would be able to find some time for him.


This really does feel very strange.

And also today, I get a call from a guy from one of the major electricity providers saying that I have been recommended to him, for a marketing campaign. So we talk business for a while, and then he says: I am sure I have met you before. Your name is really familiar to me, and your voice. And I have to say, after the last 24 hours I'm thinking anything is possible.

Get this: it turns out we met about 8 years ago. My ex-business partners, ex boyfriend's, ex wife is married to this guy. I have met him just one time and we managed to put that together.

I feel like I have been transported onto a movie set, except it's actually my life.


Blogger pitfinder said...

Rule No. (I forget the number)
The more you want something the less chance you have of getting it, so when you want something really bad, try to want it less.

Maybe the swearing off guys and getting comfortable with yourself has given you that irresistable air of confidence we find so attractive.


Yeah, blogger has been strange lately. After the forced update, half the stuff on my feed aggregator went crazy for a day, now it's back. I used to have two accounts so the other blog was anonymous, now they are irrevocably merged. The post signature on the other one changed retroactively. I guess I'll just have to sacrifice the anonymity and see what happens.

7:30 AM  
Blogger Mr. Burns said...

WhOa...that's something else...

8:57 AM  
Blogger michelle said...

well you know what they say...when it rains, it pours!! have fun with it suze! and keep us updated. i'm gonna live vicariously through you. :)

there are zero boys with zero talent here, and i'm from the big ol' city. would you mind shipping a few boys over?

9:35 AM  
Blogger suze said...

Too true Pitto. It's weird that for someone so fatalistic, I sometimes forget this one! I really do believe that if it's going to happen, it's going to happen, and there is not much you can do about it to stop it, or make it go ahead.
Michelle, NO WAY! I have lived here for 11 years and so rarely see anyone I am even vaguely attracted to, I am going to bask for a while. Maybe when I'm done...basking that is.

5:39 PM  
Blogger gothcat said...

oh do the right thing and dont overlap.

12:09 AM  
Blogger suze said...

Have no fear Gothcat, there will be no overlapping in the suze department. No sirree! My memory is not good enough when I'm stressed or lying, just not cut out for it! Besides, I'm just kind of letting it all come to me for a change, although, I must confess that I am coming up with dubious reasons to go to Sydney so I can see this boy....oh dear!

1:15 AM  
Blogger gothcat said...

Lol.Just tell yourself the sales are great this time of year.:)

3:12 PM  
Blogger earthkissed said...

Well Suze, definately the when it doesn't rain it pours thing happening. Sometimes it's nice to feel there's a selection to choose from!!! Have fun.

1:30 AM  
Blogger Smiling Willow said...

That is a message from the universe. Don't ignore it. Gorgeous Suze, I know you know how to read the signs.

6:02 PM  

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