Sunday, August 13, 2006

Do ever notice when sometimes you get spammed that there is some weird little except included? I'm tempted to create an entire blog from them. Here's a taste:

chalk quarry bristle-thighed
camel-shaped lath nailer
precision punch sharp-snouted
ill-favoredness ox-eyed
amrad gum clean-shaped
sunset brown life-serving

Sometimes the sentence isn't finished and I want to use it as a creative writing tool. You know where you use the first bit for inspiration/tone etc..and then finish it off.

The trial . . . I said feebly, visions of lawyers, appeals, torts
and documents dancing in my head.
There was no mercy in his voice now, no touch of the tiniest of

Floyd was my guide. Stamping in step with me along the corridors and
into the conference room.
Hi, guys! I said in cheery greeting to the far-from-friendly faces.


Blogger pitfinder said...

Here's some crap from my junk mail, make of it what you will. (Please, sow's ear/ silk purse?)

crumble vectorial slow brooke sophomoric ellipsometer which ouvre
aviv felicitous selfadjoint synchrotron cutler profane medford light

(I don't even know what this next one was trying to say)


gutter-snipe exist logician starkey dissidence snug discriminate parcel
crabcake diatonic exasperation paranoia sound muskegon spokesmen major

(And then there's this, this was all one message and the gist is in there in the middle, but geez...)

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(I have no idea what these people hoped to accomplish with these. It's a bit like mailing a dead animal or rotting veggies to someone. That's illegal here, this stuff isn't.)

9:45 PM  
Blogger earthkissed said...

Wow, pitfinder gets/reads a lot more junkmail then I do... When I see crap in my inbox, I just delete it without opening it as a general rule..

11:16 PM  

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