Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sunrise this morning - taken from my balcony!

This year is going to be a very special year. It is a year for beginnings.

Numerologically it's a number one. Which coincides very rarely with the first year of the Chinese Horoscope, which is the Rat - the first animal that made it's way to Buddha when he called the animals to him. And I've also heard that it's the "universal" number one year, but I'm not quite sure what that means. In fact I probably have it confused with the numerology.

It feels especially significant to me, 2008. Firstly, I am a Rat. So when your Chinese Horoscope birth sign matches the year of that sign, it is said to be especially powerful.

Also, being 35, my 7 year cycle starts again this year.

So it feels big. And easy too. Somehow effortless and breezy. I am interconnected and interrelated, aligned.

But most of all, I am just so goddammed happy that it's no longer 2007!!!!!! I think I can feel another fireworks photo coming on!!


Blogger Jade said...

Yay! 2008!!!

11:41 AM  

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